Compiz Will Be Shipped with Ubuntu Linux 7.10

Yesterday, the Ubuntu Technical Board voted for shipping Ubuntu 7.10 (“Gutsy”) with Compiz enabled by default. There were some difficulties in taking this decision, since the Technical Board had to determine if it’s reliable and fully functional.

The compositing window manager Compiz includes a number of sophisticated visual effects as transparency, desktop zooming, shadows etc. The inclusion of a compositing window manager was planned at first for Ubuntu 7.04, but it was delayed because the software wasn’t developed enough.

Although Compiz will be enabled by default, there are still some technical problems that need fixing, such as drivers that don’t meet the requirements of all the visual effects. These are the most serious problems that appear when running Compiz, but there are some related to the underlying components of Xorg. One of the best known issues is that which affects the Intel drivers, problem that can only be solved by using the EXA accelerated rendering framework which isn’t completed yet. It seems that Intel are working at a slow pace, because they consider that composite window managers won’t be ready for rolling out until the EXA framework is stable enough.

The EXA problem could be fixed, but most of the Xorg developers are focusing on more critical issues, considering that this is a low priority for the X community. Technical Board member Matthew Garrett said: “

The general feeling in the X community is pretty much that Compiz is not of high quality…The technical aspects of a composited desktop are interesting, but there are more fundamental issues that people want to fix first. People want to get X up to the Win2K level before trying to match Vista.

The Ubuntu Technical Board also thought about the users’ feedback, and how they would respond to their decisions. When the voting was made, all the participants voted in favor of the inclusion, the only one against it being Garrett, who wanted to fix the critical problems before including Compiz in the Ubuntu 7.10 edition.

How to:Compiz Fusion on Ubuntu 7.04.

download.png Here is a guide for all those peeps who are willing to install Compiz Fuison on Ubuntu. This Guide is based on the latest ver. of Compiz Fusion based on Amarnath Repo./Trevino Repo. Both these Repo. Contains the latest ver. of Compiz Fusion which stable then previous ver. and has all the plugins that you need :)

Note : To install this ver. you must un-install previous ver. of 3d Desktop manager Like Compiz,Beryl or Compiz Fusion[early ver.]

To remove Beryl Type this

sudo apt-get remove beryl

To remove previous ver. of Compiz Fusion type this

sudo apt-get –purge remove compiz* libcompizconfig*

First add Amaranth’s repository: To add repo. Just Open the terminal and type this:-

gkudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

A editor/notepad will open and add this line in the end of it :-

deb feisty main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src feisty main restricted universe multiverse

Now Since you have successfully added Repo. Save it and close it :)

Now come back to Terminal and type this : -

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager

Now you have successfully installed compiz fusion. Some of the people will be thinking of having a comiz fusion icon in Task bar /Panel. for ease of use ;)So download the .deb file and simple install it by double clicking it:)

Now you have added icon and installed Compiz Fusion .

Time to rock .. To Open Compiz Fusion Click on Main Menu -> System Tools -> Compiz Icon or press ALT + F2

Type the following if you want :–

  • Compiz Fusion with Panel Icon


  • Compiz Fusion without panel icon

compiz –replace

To Know the shortcuts of Compiz Fusion open the Compiz Fusion Manager simple by right clicking on Compiz Fusion Panel Icon and seleting “Settings Manager“.. Enable , Disable the things you want and happy Tuxing ;)

Some quick tricks:

  • Hold CTRL + ALT keys and with the left mouse button rotate the cube
  • Super + E activates the Expo plugin
  • Hold Super + Shift and with your mouse paint fire on your desktop
  • Super + Shift + C will erase the fire paint
  • Super + Tab activates the Ring Switcher plugin

Here is My Compiz Fusion Desktop Screenshots :)

Trevino Repo.

1’st do this in Terminal


sudo gedit /etc/apt/source.list

Add these lines at the end

deb feisty eyecandy
deb-src feisty eyecandy

Save the editor and type this in Terminal Make sure you had save those lines in the editor

sudo wget -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Then to make yourself safe run an update for the system

sudo apt-get update

Now make sure you have removed Compiz Fusion earlier ver. To do this

sudo apt-get remove compiz-core desktop-effects

and search Synaptic Manager for remaining and remove it.After you are done and confirmed that you have nothing installed of previous Cf then do this in Terminal

sudo apt-get install compiz # compiz-gnome AND/OR compiz-kde
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager # compizconfig-backends-* ?!
sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-*

Here are the screenshot of CF using the following repo


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