Ubuntu 7.10 on Dell’s XPS M1330 Laptop

Today, Dell makes (once again) its Linux users happy, by releasing another laptop with Ubuntu 7.10 on it: the beautiful, superb, astonishing, sleek, sexy XPS M1330 laptop. Customers from Spain, Germany, France and United Kingdom can purchase this superb laptop with pre-installed Ubuntu Linux 7.10 (with built-in DVD playback) today!

Ubuntu 7.10 runs great on the XPS M1330. It has more power, more style. Thank you to the Linux community for the support. Your purchases and your commitment is the driving force behind this expansion, and is the key to more in the future,” said Dell Linux Team in the release announcement.

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How to : Install GFX Grub In Ubuntu.

GNU Graphics Grub is the new Grub boot screen which adds to Visual appeal of Boot Screen .. Unlike older grub GFX Grub has now much better themes and customization options.. So lets take a quick look at How To Install GFX GrubBoot Menu..

To install GFX Grub we have to remove older grub so that it should cause any dependencies problem.. To remove Grub Open Terminal . .Main Menu -> Accessories -> Terminal Now type the following code in Terminal Read the rest of this entry »

Stream My Game launches Linux Player !

StreamMyGame.com has released today its free Linux Player, application that will let you play any PC game through a PlayStation 3 with Linux installed on it.

The StreamMyGame Server converts the game’s video and audio into a Game Stream and sends it over a local network to another computer, thus allowing the latter to view and play the game with the StreamMyGame Player. I’ve almost forgot to mention that both the Server and Client solutions are free, so you won’t have to pay anything for them. The machine running the Client app can be a PC, PS3, laptop or Linux device, and it does not need to have the game installed on it. Also, the second computer will not experience any lag at all.
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Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 3 Released

The Ubuntu developers are moving very quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the Open Source Community has to offer. Hardy Heron Alpha 3 is the third alpha release of Ubuntu 8.04, and with this new alpha release comes a whole host of excellent new features.

Features : –

  1. Xorg 7.3: The latest Xorg is available in Hardy, Xorg 7.3, with an emphasis on better autoconfiguration with a minimal configuration file.
  2. Linux kernel 2.6.24: Alpha 3 includes the 2.6.24-3.5 (2.6.24-rc6-based) kernel. This brings in significant enhancements and fixes that have been merged in the last few months into the mainline kernel. Among these is the introduction of dynticks support for amd64, bringing the same power savings already available on 32-bit systems to 64-bit laptops and desktops. Read the rest of this entry »

How to : Enable Multimedia Suport in Ubuntu 7.10.

Ubuntu is one of the widely used GNU OS which is considered as Newbie friendly . But still there are few things to work .. Here is a small/quick guide that will let you enable Playback for any type of Audio/Video files.. Since most users get baffled after they fail to play media files. So I thought of posting a guide which will let you play every Media files like DivX,Real Media,AC3,MPEG4 to name a few .. So lets get started .
Before I start I would lets do some basic settings..

1’st we have to enable repos..

Go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources . Check all the unchecked options under Ubuntu Software , Third Party Software, Updates. After that it will ask you to relode the package stats so that latest repositories can be added in the database for installation of the necessary software.
After the relode done you will be prompted to update your system . It is necessary to update your whole system before installing any software..
So I think you are done till now.. Considering system is updated lemme me now start with installing codecs and media players.. Read the rest of this entry »


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