Canonical’s Storm Went Open Source

ubuntu.png Canonical Ltd. released yesterday an important announcement regarding its Python-based Database Communication Tool, Storm. According to the press release, Storm will become the first open source component of Launchpad (web-based collaboration platform for open source developers).

Gustavo Niemeyer, lead developer of Storm with Canonica stated:

“Storm is an ORM that simplifies the development of database-backed applications in Python, especially for projects that use very large databases or multiple databases with a seamless web front-end. Storm is particularly designed to feel very natural to Python programmers, and exposes multiple databases as stores in a clean and easy to use fashion.”

This open release also comes with important benefits for the Launchpad developers who declared themselves interested in using Storm due to its well designed APIs and the advanced scalability of its architecture. Launchpad is known among the developers’ data for several thousand projects, the number of developers and open source consumers using Launchpad raising at more than couple tens of thousands.

Licensed under the LGPL 2.1., Storm benefits from development support on behalf of Launchpad, at, but you can also find useful information, among which also a <>tutorial<> at

“We’re excited about using Storm for Launchpad, and that it is being released as open source. Storm’s API is clear and well designed, making it a joy to work with. The scalability advantages of Storm’s architecture are important for us to ensure that Launchpad continues to perform well as the number of Launchpad users grows.” , was saying Steve Alexander, Launchpad Product Manager with Canonical.

Canonical Ltd. is also best known for its Ubuntu Linux distribution, which has recently won the Best Linux Distribution Award granted by SYS-CON, the parent publishing company for Enterprise Open Source Magazine. On behalf of the magazine’s Readers.


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