EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.15 Released!

EnGarde Secure Linux is a highly-secure open source server operating system built on a foundation of Security Enhanced Linux SELinux policies. EnGarde Secure Linux incorporates security at all levels by drawing on best-of-breed open source tools like Postfix, BIND, and the LAMP stack.

The Guardian Digital team, which is in charge of the development and maintenance of Engarde Linux, has just announced the release of EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.15 (Version 3.0, Release 15). According to Digital Guardian this new release comes not only with many updated packages and bug fixes, but also with some feature enhancements like those to the Guardian Digital WebTool and the SELinux policy, and a few new other features.


  • Mod_proxy for Apache available via the ‘libapache-mod_proxy’ package
  • Three new instructional documents:Guardian Digital WebTool Translation Instructions , Using PHP Version 5 on EnGarde Secure Linux and Building Packages on EnGarde Secure Linux
  • New packages included, such as dovecot (1.0.1), mysql++ (2.2.3), pptpd (1.3.0), rkhunter (1.2.9), sox (12.17.7)
  • Latest stable versions for asterisk (1.4.5), clamav (0.90.3),kernel (2.6.21), libpng (1.2.18), libselinux (1.34.7), postfix (2.4.30, ppp (2.4.4), samba (3.0.25a) and many others
  • Many bug-fixes

Regarding the bug-fixing, the Digital Guardian team has done a pretty good job. For example, they’ve addressed a bug in the Snort graph generation subsystem which would cause high CPU load. According to them, the users of EnGarde Secure Linux will just have to run the Guardian Digital Secure Network Update Agent for their system to be patched automatically and this way to get rid of the unwanted bug. There are also many other bugs fixed in this distro, such as Thunderbird’s, which couldn’t save an e-mail into “Sent” folder using IMAP, the bug caused by enabling PAM in sshd config which caused dynamic linker error or the fact that php5 upgrade didn’t work.

Download: EnGarde Secure Linux :: Mirrors


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