Thunder&Lightning: Action Flight Simulator.

An Open Source Futuristic Action Flight Simulator Game.


Thunder&Lightning is the new name of a rather old project by Jonas Eschenburg. What started in 1999 as a technology demonstration has become quite an advanced flight simulator. There will be multiple Islands to conquer, each with its own defense strategy. Thunder&Lightning will not be mission oriented, but there will be scripted events for each island. TNL has been released to the public, under the GPL, an Open Source license. While it is already playable, Thunder&Lightning is by no means a finished game.

Changes in this release:

  • An aircraft carrier that serves as take-off and landing platform for the Lightning aircraft, capable of self-defense with a deck turret.
  • Water rendering: A GLSL shader renders realistic waves on machines with hardware shader support.
  • A new cockpit with multi function display.
  • AI drones can now take off and land on the carrier after performing their mission.
  • Reworked missions that make use of the aircraft carrier and an extended tutorial mission.
  • Enhanced flight model.
  • Autopackage installation.
  • Various bugfixes.

Download: Thunder&Lightning


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