Linux Mint 3.0 Xfce Available Now

Linux Mint is an elegant, up-to-date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution based on the very popular Ubuntu and Kubuntu Linux distributions. It offers paid commercial support to companies and individuals.

The Linux Mint Community is proud to present a new release of the Linux Mint distribution, this time based on the light and powerful XFCE desktop environment: “This is the first XFCE release of Linux Mint. It is made by and for the Linux Mint Community and it is maintained by Merlwiz79.” – says the Linux Mint team. Linux Mint XFCE is based on Cassandra and includes the following mint utilities:

  •   mintInstall
  •   mintDisk
  •   mintWifi
  •   xfcemintConfig
  •   xfcemintDesktop

Here are some of the most interesting applications you’ll find in this edition:

  •   OpenOffice 2.2.0
  •   Firefox
  •   Thunderbird
  •   Sunbird 0.6a1
  •   Exaile 0.2.10
  •   Xfmdeia 0.9.1
  •   Gmplayer(mozilla-mplayer)
  •   Brasero 0.6.0
  •   Chestnut Dialer GTK 0.3.3
  •   Deluge 0.5.2
  •   Fusesmbtool 0.2
  •   Pidgin 2.1.0
  •   X-Chat
  •   Wicd 1.3.1
  •   Gnormalize 0.52
  •   Catfish 0.2.4
  •   Evince 0.5.2
  •   Gimp 2.2.13
  •   GQview 2.0.4

Linux Mint XFCE runs faster and takes less resources and is ideal for older computers. The differences between this edition and the original Linux Mint are:

  •   The presence of Exaile which replaces Amarok
  •   The XFCE desktop replaces Gnome
  •   Wicd replaces Network Manager


Download Links. Linux Mint 3.0 Xfce (ISO) | Linux Mint 3.0 Xfce (Torrent)


2 Responses to “Linux Mint 3.0 Xfce Available Now”

  1. Shrey Says:

    ah i’ve seen this before….but somehow i don’t like XFCE … i find Gnome the best….Defies logic 😛 but i just like the simplicity of gnome

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