Vixta.Forget vista! is a Fedora-based Linux distribution designed to be user-friendly and eye-catching, similar in look and feel to Windows Vista. Trying to bring linux to the “masses”, not just sysadmins

Features :

  • KDE based Desktop Environment
  • Fedora Based Distribution


Home Page : – Home
Download : Files


122 Responses to “Vixta.Forget vista!”

  1. Maarten Kooiker Says:

    Cool, I will try it right away, using VirtualBox.

  2. Animesh Says:

    Oh come on. Vista is crappy enough to be copied. Create something new, something different.

    How about a 3-D cube like desktop rather than the plane that we see? So much extra screen space, so many layers to navigate inside, 100s of windows can be opened in different sheets stacked up to make the screen.

    This type of OS will be worthwhile with quad cores and 8 cores processors about to hit the market in a grand way.

    Go linux, go interesting, don’t go vista.

  3. Tony Says:

    I think I’m going to be sick…

  4. Matthew James Taylor Says:

    The problem for me is I really don’t like the look of Vista, it looks like a child’s toy. Can’t they just keep things simple and focus on making things easy to use? Too much useless eye candy is just a waste of time.

  5. Sighborg Says:

    Wow! Now that’s sexy. An open-source, functional version of Vista. Good find!

  6. medigeek Says:

    Now that’s an amazing knock-off 🙂

  7. Dubb Says:

    Well then, Let’s think of the last company that tried this in a big way. They changed their name because MS sued them claiming ‘indows’ is trademarked to them. They sued them for their UI because it was too much like Windows. Hell, MS sent DMCA notices to places like WinCustomize for having WindowBlinds skins that looked too much like Vista.

    If this gets anymore attention than just a Digg story I fear it will be gone very soon or become something completely different than what it set out to be much like the other company’s distro. On top of all this it seems the only thing that appealing about it is the eyecandy which is just basically a heavy KDE skin. I don’t see any other differences between this and a default install of Fedora.

  8. Hari Seldon Says:

    Why would I switch to Linux just because it looks like Vista? I already have that with Vista! Why make the switch based on that?

  9. Ben Smith (BS) Says:

    Why emulate a train wreck? Vista is to computing what police are to drug dealers – a non-starter.

    Ever try to support Vista? People APOLOGIZE to me for using it! The local tech shop REFUSES to sell me a copy, unless I agree it’s NOT THEIR WARRANTEE on whatever I install it on!

    Sorry, Vista is a train wreck. Emulate OSX or something elegant. Win3.11 is better.

  10. kpichai Says:


  11. royalflare Says:

    This is wonderful! I can’t wait to download the distro and taunt my friends with Vista. hahaha!

  12. Jim Says:

    Wow. This makes it very tempting. Very tempting indeed!

  13. Detourned life » Blog Archive » Newswire. Says:

    […] susseguono le recensioni entusiastiche di una derivata di Fedora che vuole copiare lo stile di Vista, ufficialmente per rendere più […]

  14. Bull Dog Says:

    Wonder how long it’ll be before MS sues them into oblivion?

  15. adnan Says:

    well this is a great achievement
    the graphic scheme is awesome and looking great.

  16. steve french Says:

    The GUI is practically falling apart, and they’ve entirely missed the point about what makes an OS function. Vista isn’t just about a new GUI (which looks much better than this attempt), but about a way of organising your computer. Plus this Vixta doesn’t run Windows software, so it’s no competitor. 😦

  17. n1ce Says:

    Yes but does it have the cool scrolly alt tab window switching?

    Anyone have a live version?

  18. Jon Reed Says:

    Nice, loved the ideia and tried it. It’s still taking the first steps and if you try to install it, you’ll see what i mean. Despite that, i hope all the best for them (and eventually, for us)

    Jon Reed

  19. » Blog Archive » Vixta:The Vista Nemesis! Says:

    […] in look and feel to Windows Vista. Trying to bring linux to the “masses”, not just sysadminsread more | digg […]

  20. Litis Says:

    Well, it’s sort of disappointing that the goal of some Linux distributions is to simply copy the look of other operating systems.

  21. alex Says:

    Good news!
    I’ve been using Fedora for a few years, and honestly I don’t feel I’m very excited.
    Gotta test this one.
    Thanks, dude 🙂

  22. ~kit Says:

    really good looking… 🙂

  23. Tech Roach Says:

    This isn’t the right direction for Linux.What ?! Linux has a desktop design and interface of its own.

    I think, making the thing look like a stripped down version of Vista, spoils its personality and attitude.

    I think they should come up with their own innovative user friendly design and maybe, some eyepopping graphics.

    Mostly, its the capability, driver availability, software compatibility which is making linux fall behind.

  24. Joe Says:

    I smell a cease and desist coming…

  25. Marcus Says:

    Well, nice pics but I do not think all linux user want a (slow) windows desktop

  26. Pawel Kata - Oszczedzanie pieniedzy Says:

    Very nice idea, but KDE? Seriously… GNOME would’ve been much better. IMO, of course.

  27. cyberbuff Says:

    awesome! Simply awesome!

  28. Kyle Rames Says:

    It’s interesting to see companies “leveraging” Windows to promote their operating systems. For example, Apple with Bootcamp, Vixta Linux, etc…

    Personally, I would just buy Windows Vista and call it a day.

  29. ronocdh Says:

    Thanks for the tip! Found this post on the homepage of Congrats. 😉

  30. Cabl Says:

    Wow, that sure looks gorgeous. What app runs the “widgets”? I already have Fedora Core 7, so how do I get this look!? Glad LINUX is coming and making a strong impact to the everyday users.

  31. philosophyoflife Says:

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention – will certainly check it out.

  32. Alex Says:

    This is really all a copy of the MacOSX

  33. PeCet Says:

    Wow, it’s sucks like Vista!
    I still preferring XP with classic UI (gray).

  34. Michael Says:

    If you want to create a vista style than rebuild fucking KDE, looks like shit, if you want linux to look like vista you may want to start trying a little better which means building a new GUI OS.

  35. Simitrio Quezada Says:

    Gee! This look awesome!

    Long live to free distribution, in order to get better things for all.

  36. mewantlinux Says:

    But can you play Bioshock?

  37. Andres Says:

    WHAT A COPY! They should come up with their own eye-candy.

  38. ctrlalteredmind Says:

    the screenshots are surely indicative that the theme resembles Windows Vista – however, it will take more than just GUI similarities to get common Windows users to switch; such as a seamless transition to native windows format documents and media files. The advantages of a linux system (such as centralized package and software management) should be presented in a familiar way too. In either case, this is a really good initiative (as long as they don’t face litigation).

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, how do you get that startmenu?

  40. V Says:

    Hell the only thing I want out of this is that wallpaper with the blue flower on it 🙂

  41. SainGreenBean32 Says:

    I think ill stick with the real deal .. pretty good ms paint skills though ..

  42. Vixta Windows Vista | Says:

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  43. perry Says:

    Nice, but I’m happy with my mac. 🙂

  44. TechGuy Says:

    You guys do know that this is just a Vista theme and won’t have any of the Vista flaws? FFS its a GUI with no similarity for a source code!!

  45. BuckCynnie Says:

    While I understand the arguments against the Vista look, it is compelling to demonstrate that Linux can do for free what a $300+ OS can do.

  46. josh Says:

    Almost every features looks slightly wrong… There’s no blurring, which is what really makes the glass effect. The start menu has all sorts of spacing and border issues. The fonts look weird too… I don’t know if they’re just slightly too small or if it’s just that I’m used to Windows’ anti-aliasing. Overall it looks like someone got a pretty good draft going and then got bored.

  47. Ricardo Says:

    portuguese? interesting….

  48. Joshua Giese Says:

    I love the linux community and their drive to bring linux to the masses. The linux purest might see this as something dumb, but its a stepping stone for windows users to step into the linux world. Keep up the progress.

  49. Mike Says:

    “ is a Fedora-based Linux distribution designed to be user-friendly and eye-catching… Trying to bring linux to the “masses”, not just sysadmins.”

    Hrmm… is it me or does this sound a lot like “Mac OS X”???

  50. Nishant Says:

    I don’t understand what you all have against Windows Vista.

    I’ve been using Vista for a few months now, and with just a little tweaking, I love it! Vista rocks.

    You just hate Vista because M$ made it. Yet, you’re viewing this very page with an M$ OS.
    Suck it up and live with it. M$ did more good for the computing world than evil and none of you poor punks can take it.

  51. A Vista Lover Says:

    Heh, Vista is looked down upon thanks to idiots and wanna-be “tech geeks” reading articles online and creating bad theories about it. How so? Two friends of mine bash Vista as an OS, yet have have never touched a Vista-loaded PC… Yet they have highly formulated opinions about Vista and constantly bag on it.

    Please, as a Vista user, I ask people to at least make *one* intelligent move: try playing w/ Vista sometime, even if it’s at a friend’s house or a sample PC at Best Buy/

    And as a closing result, [don’t flame me], the fact remains: if one company completely mimics another company in attempt of mockery, it’s extremely childish. Period.

  52. Digg “Linux Nation” for Thursday October 4th 2007 | fsckin w/ linux Says:

    […] Vixta:The Vista Nemesis! Vixta is a “vista-like” KDE theme thrown on top of Fedora.  I don’t see the need, but to each their own.  […]

  53. rauldm Says:

    I think lik perry… Why to copy an operating system like this? Linux is better than windows.. in Apple words: Be original

  54. caradoacre Says:

    I don’t like distros trying to BE a Windows system. It’s not a copy, it’s another system, another choice, another plataform.

    No, thanks, i’m happy with my fedora 7

  55. BuddaMagoo Says:

    Nice work guys, looks good. Hopefully you won’t run out of steam like some other distros out there.

  56. eljardinrestaurant Says:

    I can’t wait to try it out.

  57. Top Posts « Says:

    […] Vixta.Forget vista! is a Fedora-based Linux distribution designed to be user-friendly and eye-catching, similar in look and feel […] […]

  58. andyfox1979 Says:

    mac people are so annoying.

  59. lolascloset2 Says:

    As long as its not miroass!I think its grate! I’m an apple user myself.

  60. Joel Says:

    Impressive! I’m looking to switch to Ubuntu soon…

  61. Yong Hwee Says:

    Looks good but I just don’t see the need for another OS. Leopard is due soon and I can’t wait to upgrade.

  62. -kf Says:

    Can’t say I am that impressed. Besides the fact that Redmond will be sending these guys cease and desist notices regarding the Vista/Vixta trademark, Linux can do better than simply copy the Aero interface.

    What is needed for the Linux UI is for software vendors such as SuSE and Redhat to collaborate with AMD?ATI, Intel, Nvidia, et al to produce a grand, unified GUI for Linux. The KDE vs GNOME wars have been a waste of energy and to be honest, I am thrilled with neither. Xfce shows some promise as a desktop, but isn’t very feature rich.

  63. canmasagi Says:

    Does it compatible with Fedora repository?

  64. syahidali Says:

    nice rebuttal from linux community.

  65. African Boy Says:

    Ok, first they accuse MS of copying, now MS will be accusing someone else of copying.

    I removed Vista from my machine because the eye candy served me no purpose, now a Linux distro wants me to use the same (similar) eye candy. No way.

  66. kaushik Says:

    i would rather say, stop you guys copying windows. Linux is just Linux, not a windows alternative. be original.

  67. hamb Says:

    I’m happy with my Vista machine anyway, I never understood linux.

  68. bbZuSh Says:

    WOW… nice one!

  69. Agust Andy Says:

    Nice, but i’m happy with my winxp sp2 😛

  70. Vixta: Un clon del Windows Vista pero en Linux : Says:

    […] una interfaz KDE lleno de Widgets que tiene la misma apariencia que Windows Vista, con la diferencia que este es fuente abierta… […]

  71. paglababa Says:

    but you didn’t write anything about computer configurations .

  72. deobrat Says:

    And they say… MS copies others

  73. Technology!!! « What was it again??? Says:

    […] Linux has now gotten a Windows Vista-like GUI… well… interesting… Despite the many years of desiring to get those grimy other […]

  74. Two New Linux Distros « Akhil Tandulwadikar’s Blog Says:

    […] Fedora-based, I am sure it will perform a lot better than Vista. You can check out the details here. The screenshots sure look cool and this could be used to convert a few Windows-victims to […]

  75. Dmitri Says:

    I’m happy with my XP installation and the fact that I don’t have to upgrade my graphics card for a couple of years more. Running XP since it came out, and enjoying it! 🙂

  76. d3rf Says:

    Very nice !
    Windows Vista was a not successful of Microsot, and now is coming Vixta to scrull up M$ once for all

  77. Norm Says:

    Why would someone want an operating system that looks like another. If you like Vista, God forbid, use Vista, if you like the look of OSX use OSX and if you like one of the several linux OS or BSD use those ones instead.

    I use Ubuntu/Kubuntu at home and XP at work. My choice was clear.

    Fedora is a good linux distro, it does not need to look like Vista. Almost all linux users would not be caught dead using something that looks like Vista.

  78. Angry Penguin Says:

    That’s so wrong. Why would anyone want to copy a turd?

  79. indianglory Says:


  80. bakazero Says:

    can we make vista like linux?
    btw, I’m prefer debian or ubuntu linux for desktop…

  81. Vista Lover Says:

    Why does everyone keep slamming Vista? They insist it’s garbage thanks to tech “reviewers” like engadget and gizmodo stating highly formulated opinions, and the net crowd of Mac-Lovers and Ubuntu-Whores join in the frenzy and slam the product. And, may I point out that a “Tech Geek God” at Gizmodo couldn’t even follow the directions of transforming a toy from the current Transformers movie? Ya… all the “smart people” with “computer knowledge” certainly are following a “smart bunch.”

    Stop bagging on Vista unless you’ve tried it yourself. I see more MS people with dignity when it comes to OS, and Mac and Ubuntu people just seem eager for a flame war. Grow up kiddies, it’s technology… not the playground.

  82. Vixta: Un clon del Windows Vista pero en Linux Says:

    […] una interfaz KDE lleno de Widgets que tiene la misma apariencia que Windows Vista, con la diferencia que este es fuente abierta… […]

  83. Gerry Says:

    Linux is ripping off your interface.
    Cancel or allow?

  84. RYAN LESTER!!! Says:

    Nice! (But I prefer my Leopard look, currently in Ubuntu.) It really annoys me when Linux users get angry at things like this. Linux is about choice, and people who claim they support freedom and choice, but then turn around and criticize people for liking Vista(or whatever)’s LOOK and Linux at the same time (i.e. they like Vista’s LOOK, but not the underlying cheapness Microsoft calls an OS), calling them stupid for having opinions on what kind of GUIs they like, are hypocrites and shouldn’t comment when they have no meaningful input (they’re basically trolls, giving unconstructive criticism and trying to restrict freedom of choice).

  85. Web 2.0 Announcer Says:

    Vixta:The Vista Nemesis!

    […] is a Fedora-based Linux distribution designed to be user-friendly and eye-catching, similar in look and feel to Windows Vista. Trying to bring linux to the ?masses?, not just sysadmins[…]

  86. asdir Says:

    Well, that certainly won’t run in Germany. I first thought it was a hoax because it sounds very much like the German word for wanker. 😀

  87. twobits Says:

    I don’t mind the look of vixta at all (looks better than alot of distros out there). What bothers me is the lack of information on the site. A pretty face is one thing but what have they done to insure that the underlying system is secure, easy to administer, etc…

    Scraping together yet another distro by modifying the GUI isn’t nearly enough for me to download and install. When the most important link on the page is named [Feature Requests] – it’s time to walk away. I’ll be back when they have a [FEATURE] page telling me what makes this distro special.

  88. Andrey Says:

    Men!!! How intall and using

  89. Daysleeper Ed Says:

    Been reading the comments. Some are really just plain harsh.

    The bottom line is anyone is free to do what they want with the distro of their choice. If they want to create a Vista look and roll it into their own distribution, they are free to do so. Freedom of choice, right?

    If you like it, try it out. If you don’t, walk away. There is no need to use crass or abusive language to make your opinion obvious. Comment constructively to contribute to the community at large.

  90. Llego el VIXTA… olvida el Vista :D at Blog de Carlos Moisés Castro Says:

    […]               descarga: SourceForce.Net addthis_url = […]

  91. Bertranelli Says:

    For one to have an opened mind is to grow and learn. For one’s self to also be objective as well as creative is to finally discover intelligence. Use it wisely and give this a chance we all benefit from it’s results. For the simple minded i say this — to be stifled is to stand still and never progress…

  92. Roberto Mizuuti Says:

    I think that the biggest problem we find to make linux “acceptable” among “common people” (people who use computer very often, and ain”t no sysadm or who doesn”t have technical skills to understand how a OS really works) is exactly this: linux users are (mostly) blind to other OSs. Is linux good? YES!!! Is Windows good?Another YES!!! I think it’s a complete waste of time to be a Linux-freak, saying windows sucks and so on. I DON’T like Windows myself, but I DO understand that enterprises use it even more than they use Linux (like it or not) and that IT DOES WORK FINE!!! And, for a common user, windows IS a better system. Why? Well, ask a computer technician if he knows anything about medicine. Or physics. The answer is probably no. Then why should a doctor or a lawyer waste time learning how to compile and install a software on linux if they can simply go on the “next-next-finish” sequence on Windows? So I think that ANYTHING we do to make Linux more useable to those who already use Windows, is a good thing. And projects like VIXTA are trying to do exactly that: conquer users by having a good look and providing a high degree of accessibility. I think that the people who say “Windows sucks! Use Linux or go to hell!!!” sound a little like teenagers arguing about their prefered heavy-metal bands. and wich one is the best. Personally, I think this kind of people should think twice before saying Windows Sucks! That’s their opinion, and I respect them – as they should respect someone else’s opinion. But windows IS a good product, and we – as IT technicians – should be selling SOLUTIONS and not IDEOLOGY. It’s a good thing to have, but it doesn’t sell.
    If it’s Linux, you should support it. And respect other OSs as well – and whoever use them. At least, WE (as LinuxCommunity) will not look as a bunch of children talking about how their toy is better then someone else’s.



  93. mishoo Says:

    Roberto Mizuuti:

    The reason why Windows is as easy as “Next>Next>Finish” is because of the tremendous commercial support. Every software producer does their own installer. Every hardware producer does their own driver. It’s so much less burden for M$ developers! Imagine what would happen if ATI refused to write a driver for Windows and M$ had to reverse-engineer ATI cards to write one!

    Windows is not that good.. What does the lawyer do when his Windows breaks? Calls a technician. What can the technician do? Most of the time, reinstall Windows and all apps. When it breaks, you can’t fix it. We all have to agree that this sucks.

    Yes I do believe it’s time to make Linux easier to use, but this is a slow process if we’re completely on our own. I saw commercial software for Linux that was a pleasure to install and run (i.e. Google Earth, or Picasa). But Google took time to put together an easy installation process.

    OTOH, Vixta is a bad idea; while it’s nice to have a “Vista-like” look, why the heck to we need a completely new distro for it? Can’t they put together a KDE theme and distribute it like a package for existent and proven distros? Yet another Fedora clone for, umm, a nicer UI? Time wasted…

  94. Dog training Says:

    Very interesting… as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.

  95. Eze Uba Says:

    There is really no need for one OS to copy the look of any other OS, the fundamental issue of having different OS is the originality and uniqueness each brings to its users. Having an OS look like another to me makes no sense. I for one wouldn’t go for it. I love Windows and Linux equally, and I used to dual-boot before I knew about virtual machines. Now I use Vista Ultimate with Fedora 7 on VMWare; the best of both worlds, I would throw in OS X if my laptop could run it too…..

  96. Nickz_Berpena Says:

    please help mE?
    whois system requirenment for Linux vixta……….

  97. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  98. vixta dan google keyword « satu sisi Says:

    […] : padepokanlinux tuxenclave Filed under: Computer, Linux, internet   |   Tags: Computer, […]

  99. Yarub Says:

    Nice points…One of the best pimping guide .. Thanks a lot 🙂

  100. Kori Says:

    Well …. what seems to be missed here is not that this is a copy of Vista but the fact that it is a port to lead the Lemmings away from M$ …. i think it’s UI is very good and does not clone Vista in it’s entirity …. there are many many differences between M$ and this distro … i would like to thank the guys at Vixta for giving a very usable version of Linux …. i am a prodominantly M$ user for anything DVD related but Linux for everything else …. this is a great port and very user friendly … 1 whinge point is Linux users are too quick to jump on and down a great attempt at bringing new M$ users in the realm of Linux if the Super Users of Linux weren’t so hard to approach and didn’t slate people who use M$ products i think you’d find alot more M$ users willing to try Linux.

  101. لينوكس هايي با ظاهر ويندوز « آي تي بلاگ Says:

    […] اطلاعات بيشتر و تصاويري از محيط لينوكس […]

  102. KristjanS Says:

    Somebody had too much free time. For starters, this theme is ugly! Mainstream Linux distributions look way better out of the box. Second, Fedora would not be really recommended for Linux starters. It is a strictly open source distribution, which means that there is no MP3, Flash, etc. While it is not to be blamed on Fedora, I don’t think that most of the world is ready for such a purist distribution. Fedora has been doing an excellent but non-rewarding job and until I can get a better experience with it, I’ll stick with dual-booting Ubuntu and Fedora.

  103. Shazbot Blog » Blog Archive » Vixta Says:

    […] Vixta.Forget vista! « Tux Enclave. is a Fedora-based Linux distribution designed to be user-friendly and eye-catching, similar in look and feel to Windows Vista. […]

  104. Joe Says:

    sweet design. The only good thing Microsoft can do is lay out a GUI. The rest of their system sucks. So Linux and WIndows combined seems pretty awesome.

  105. fvseyzudw ruxl Says:

    sloybxjz fvlmns qlsxortn vywim censmu cjzkqifl ugodk

  106. vohn Says:

    wow! didn’t know linux can be made to look like windows vista.

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