Order Ubuntu 7.10 Now! Free

If you are anxious to get your hands on some nice CDs with Ubuntu Gutsy as soon as possible, then you should pre-order them from Ubuntu’s ShipIt service, FREE of charge. They have already started taking the orders, so hurry up!

If you want to count the days until your shipment is sent – something that will happen on 18 this month, when Gutsy Gibbon is released – you can get a nice script, to show it on your website. After you get the countdown script, you can even modify it to look the way you want. Each day the image will change, counting the days remaining until the release of Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon.

Although many of you have downloaded the Beta release of Gutsy, I am sure that there will be some more changes until the final product gets on the market. In a few days, to be more exact on 11th October, a Release Candidate will be launched and we can take a look on how the almost-final version will be. I have already ordered now its yor turn Baah you are still reading it go get it ordered πŸ™‚

Order Now : https://shipit.ubuntu.com/
For Beta Thread : Ubuntu 7.10 Beta Released
For Help Regarding Ordering : http://www.techenclave.com/forums/ub…ree-91434.html


2 Responses to “Order Ubuntu 7.10 Now! Free”

  1. Shubhanshu Shukla Says:

    dear devlopers

    ubuntu 7.04 is like awesum windowing experience
    but if if im using intel 810i driver
    i have to download
    a intel video package i wound it kinda of wiered
    hope this bug should be sorted out in your
    ubunu 7.10

    thanks ya
    take care

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