Compiz 0.6.2: The Daylight!

As Danny Baumann promised on the 0.6.0 announcement of Compiz, here is another Compiz release, version 0.6.2, which fixes a problem that could allow stacking desktop windows over normal windows the moment they are mapped. This could result in normal windows and/or panels not being visible when compiz is launched with the Gnome or KDE session, until the desktop window is restacked once. Among the highlights of this release, we can notice fixes and improvements such as:

  • Support for automatically starting one decorator per screen;
  • Newly created windows are placed on top of the stack first, which is not desired for some windows that may be denied focus (such as desktop windows);
  • glGetString is allowed to return NULL in case an error happened, so avoid crashing in this case and bail out instead;
  • Fix handling of ConfigureRequest events with CWStackMode set, but without CWSibling set;
  • Correct handling of grab window in case it is destroyed;
  • Fix findLowestSiblingBelow function for desktop windows;
  • Use client message timestamp rather than window user time when processing focus stealing prevention on _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW messages;
  • Update saved window coordinates when the window is resized by some client;
  • All coordinates that match the server coordinates from the configure request mask to make sure a synthetic configure notify event is sent whenever needed, were cleared;
  • Prevent wobbling when shading maximized windows;
  • Fix in-viewport calculation;
  • Now uses real screen number rather than 0;
  • Get private pointer for the current screen;
  • Run external commands with a DISPLAY string adjusted for the screen number that was passed to runCommand;
  • putenv doesn’t work properly with dynamically allocated strings that are freed right after the putenv call.

Download : [compiz] [ANNOUNCE] compiz-0.6.2


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