RadeonHD Video Driver 1.0.0 Released

RadeonHD video driver version 1.0.0 was announced today on the X.org Foundation website. Luc Verhagen, from Novel says:”We still have some open bugs which will require some further investigation. But no release will ever be perfect, and our early adopters are reporting far less issues already, so we feel that our driver is good enough to be tagged as a proper release. This way, a wider public will start to use our driver, and further issues can be discovered and fixed.”..RadeonHD is also known as xf86-video-radeonhd and it’s an X.org video driver for R500 and newer ATI graphics devices. It is being developed by Novell for AMD.

What’s new in this release?

  • First released version.
  • Full modesetting driver, capable of driving multiple monitors.
  • Support for VGA, DVI, DMS-59 and laptop panels.
  • Support for monitor hotplug detection, DDC and dynamic reconfiguration.
  • Full RandR 1.2 compatibility.
  • AtomBIOS support for initialization, data tables, etc.
  • Early RandR 1.3 property support (subject to change).
  • Hardware cursor support.
  • No 2D & 3D acceleration, no XVideo yet.
  • No TV, Component, and HDMI yet.

The following hardware is supported by the RadeonHD driver:

  • RV505: Radeon X1550, X1550 64bit
  • RV515: Radeon X1300, X1550, X1600; FireGL V3300, V3350
  • RV516: Radeon X1300, X1550, X1550 64-bit, X1600; FireMV 2250
  • R520: Radeon X1800; FireGL V5300, V7200, V7300, V7350
  • RV530: Radeon X1300 XT, X1600, X1600 Pro, X1650; FireGL V3400, V5200
  • RV535: Radeon X1300, X1650
  • RV550: Radeon X2300 HD
  • RV560: Radeon X1650
  • RV570: Radeon X1950, X1950 GT; FireGL V7400
  • R580: Radeon X1900, X1950; AMD Stream Processor
  • R600: Radeon HD 2900 GT/Pro/XT; FireGL V7600/V8600/V8650
  • RV610: Radeon HD 2350, HD 2400 Pro/XT, HD 2400 Pro AGP; FireGL V4000
  • RV630: Radeon HD 2600 LE/Pro/XT, HD 2600 Pro/XT AGP; Gemini RV630; FireGL V3600/V5600
  • M52: Mobility Radeon X1300
  • M54: Mobility Radeon X1400; M54-GL
  • M56: Mobility Radeon X1600; Mobility FireGL V5200
  • M58: Mobility Radeon X1800, X1800 XT; Mobility FireGL V7100, V7200
  • M62: Mobility Radeon X1350
  • M64: Mobility Radeon X1450, X2300
  • M66: Mobility Radeon X1700, X1700 XT; FireGL V5250
  • M68: Mobility Radeon X1900
  • M71: Mobility Radeon HD 2300
  • M72: Mobility Radeon HD 2400; Radeon E2400
  • M74: Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XT
  • M76: Mobility Radeon HD 2600; (Gemini ATI) hereMobility Radeon HD 2600 XT
  • RS690: Radeon X1200, X1250, X1270

However, you should be aware of the known bugs and limitations:

  • No 2D and 3D acceleration so far. No XVideo (needs 3D engine for scaling). Still, fullscreen video is working fluently for many users.
  • No TV, Component, and HDMI connector support so far.
  • No Dual Link DVI support so far.
  • Panels only show native resolution.
  • Panning doesn’t work with RandR (general RandR limitation)
  • No RandR rotation support so far.
  • Suspend & Resume is pretty much untested. Often it just works, but your milage may vary.

Download : Click Here

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