Xfce 4.4.2 : The Minimal Windows Manager!

Xfce 4.4.2, the second maintenance release in the 4.4 stable series, is now available. This version focuses mainly on fixing bugs and updating translations.

Thunar, the file manager included in Xfce, has reached a newer version also, 0.9.0. This brings with it the following fixes, additions and much more:

  • Do not display volumes without mountable file systems
  • Properly recognize OGG files as audio files for custom actions
  • Added new date renamer
  • Pass the correct $DISPLAY value to processes spawned by Thunar and xfdesktop in multi screen environments
  • Preselect the whole filename when renaming folders.
  • Prevent infinite recursion on JPEG files with broken EXIF data.
  • Fixed crash on amd64.
  • Add support to retry job based operations.
  • Display more details in the override dialog.
  • Add support for different date/time formats.
  • Fixed crash on sparc64.
  • Properly binaries selected for custom actions.
  • Fix invalid invocation of thunar-volman for volumes that should be ignored .
  • Reduce binary size by stripping XML comments and whitespace
  • Use the correct HAL property to determine whether a given volume or device requires eject
  • Automatically disable thumbnailing if storing a thumbnail fails because of a fatal error
  • Fix crash because of unaligned memory access
  • Fix compilation with the Sun Studio 11 compiler
  • Add option to exo-csource to strip comments from XML prior to embedding them into binaries
  • Fix compilation on Solaris 2.8
  • Fix compilation on NetBSD
  • Properly quote URLs prior to passing them to external programs
  • Bump required HAL version to 0.5.7.

The utilities library of Xfce (libxfce4util) has got new and updated translations now, a possible buffer overflow has been fixed and the problem when applications started on the wrong screen in multihead setups has been resolved.

The window manager (xfwm4) received the following “treatment”:

  • Be more relaxed with transients, allow transients to be sticky independently of their parent window
  • Fixed xfwm4 hanging with gtk+-2.11.x
  • Plug a leak in mouse button grab when changing theme.
  • Fixed dialogs and modals without parents not being automatically centered like before.
  • Fixed modifier mask not working with all keymaps.
  • Fixed wrong count of key shortcuts causing switch to last workspace on modifier key press if no window is focused.
  • Fixed spec file missing from the tar ball causing ‘make disk’ to fail.
  • Fixed strict bound checking causing wrong window to be focused in focus follow mouse.
  • Transients for group shouldn’t apply to other transients, or it breaks stacking for some apps, noticeably mozilla “save as” dialog…
  • Fixed typo breaking compilation on systems without XShape 1.1 support.

The desktop manager, xfdesktop, will have from now on fixes for the Italian xfdesktop menu that caused a crash, the desktop setting that only got applied to the first screen in non-Xinerama dualhead setups and the stale entries in icon position file have been cleaned out. These are only a few of the changes made to xfdesktop, much more things have changed in this package!

Download : Xfce – Download


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