Click ‘N’ Run One Click Installation WIzard!

CNR is a FREE and easy way to access over 37,264 desktop Linux products, packages and libraries, all with a single mouse click. Finding, installing and managing software on your desktop Linux computer has never been that easy.

CNR makes the finding of the right piece of software easy to do, with user reviews, screenshots, descriptions, charts, and so on. When you the software you want, with only one click, it will be installed on your computer and icons will be added to your desktop and to the Start Menu. Also, CNR notifies you when updates are available for the installed applications via the website, which you can easily install with one click.
CNR also offers dozens of commercial Linux software titles for sale, such as popular games, Sun’s StarOffice, Win4Lin, CodeWeaver’s Crossover Office, Parallels Workstation, TransGaming’s Cedega, and many other commercial Linux products.This is really a revolutionary moment for all computer users all around the world. I sure hope that it will bring many new users into the Linux world.If you have Ubuntu 7.04 or Ubuntu 7.10 go right now at the CNR’s website, install the CNR client and grab your favorite applications with a single mouse click!

Getting started with CNR

Open Terminal and type



gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

and add these line at the bottom of the Notepad



deb gutsy-extra main restricted
deb-src gutsy-extra main restricted

Note: We recommend to uncheck the Cdrom with Ubuntu 7.10 ‘Gutsy Gibbon’ entry in the “Ubuntu Software” tab.

Now type the following ; –



sudo apt-get update

If you get an error about a public key for the CNR repositories, ignore it and install the CNR client, from the command prompt with:



sudo apt-get install cnr-client

Once installed, you can activate the CNR client from System Tools -> CNR and let the client synchronize with the website.

Home Page : Find Software


5 Responses to “Click ‘N’ Run One Click Installation WIzard!”

  1. cyberbuff Says:

    Oops! can’t get it working. Got the error. But when i tried to install the client, it said ‘can’t find’ the package. 😦

  2. Dark Star Says:

    Try to uncheck the CD Rom option Under Software Sources 😉 That will solve the problem 🙂

  3. Buzz Says:

    FWIW, I am having a similar issue, and unchecking the CDROM does not work. However, after scanning their website, it appears that CNR does not support 64-bit architecture. This is probably why it doesn’t come up up in apt.


  4. cyberbuff Says:

    Yap! it worked. Thanks for the tip…

  5. DeeJay Says:

    Followed your instructions . . . works great in Ubuntu 7.10. CNR is very nice. Downloaded Adobe reader and Flash . . . worked perfectly. Thanks for the helpful post.


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