Adobe Flex Builder available for Linux !

Flex Builder Linux is a plugin-only version of the Flex Builder that you can use to build Flex applications on Linux.

Flex Builder Linux Alpha supports most Flex Builder 3 features, including project creation, code coloring, code hints, compilation, the Ajax Bridge, Find All References, and debugging. Not all features are supported, however, and there is a list of unsupported Flex Builder features later in this page.
Running Eclipse with the Flex Builder Linux plug-in.

The installer creates a script called in the install directory. You can use this script to launch Eclipse, preconfigured with the following:

  • Path – The script sets the path for the standalone Flash Player. If you choose not to generate HTML wrappers when running your Flex applications, Flex Builder runs them in the standalone player and it locates the standalone player through the PATH environment variable.
  • Environment variable – The script sets the environment variable MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH to the directory containing the debug player plugin. This is required in case you have already installed a release (that is, non-debug) version of the Flash Player plugin.
  • JVM argument – The script launches Eclipse with the JVM argument “-Xmx 512M” which increases the JVM heap max size to 512MB.

Linux has various distributions and flavors. This release of Flex Builder Linux requires Sun JRE 1.5.x (or newer) and Eclipse 3.3.x and supports the following distributions:

  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (x86 32-bit version)
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux WS 4 (x86 32-bit version)
  • Ubuntu 7.0.4 (Feisty) (x86 32-bit version)
  • Fedora Core 8 (x86 32-bit version)

Flex Builder Linux Alpha is also known to run on the following platforms but comprehensive testing has not been done for these platforms

  • openSuSE 10.2 (x86 64-bit version)
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux WS 4 (x86 64-bit version)
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux AS 5 (x86 64-bit version)

For Download & More Info : Adobe Labs – Adobe Flex Builder Linux Public Alpha


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