PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniME Preview !

PCLinuxOS is an English only Live CD initially based on Mandrake Linux that runs entirely from a bootable CD. Data on the CD is decompressed on the fly, allowing up to 2GB of programs on one CD, including a complete X server, KDE desktop, OpenOffice.org and many more applications all ready to use. In addition to the Live CD, you can also install PCLinuxOS to your hard drive with an easy-to-use Live CD Installer. Additional applications can be added or removed from your hard drive using a friendly apt-get front end via Synaptic Package Manager.

Texstar proudly presents the 2008 edition of PCLinuxOS MiniMe, a minimalistic Live CD with KDE, that you can play with and customize it the way you want. PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniMe comes with Linux kernel, ALSA 1.0.15 and a very basic KDE 3.5.8 desktop environment. Not only that PCLinuxOS MiniMe is a Live CD, but it can be installed on your hard drive. You
can add in your own background, window decoration, preferred applications, localizations and supporting libraries to fully trick out your desktop. Moreover, you have the possibility to remaster your own custom version of PCLinuxOS MiniMe.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Linux kernel kernel
  • ALSA 1.0.15
  • ALSA sound configuration
  • KDE 3.5.8
  • ATI/NVIDIA installation tool
  • Make Live CD GUI
  • Make Live USB key
  • Internet and Clock setup were moved to a Utilities folder on the users desktop
  • Redo-MBR with OS-probing utility for adding other GRUB boot entries into the GRUB menu
  • Root password and user setup were moved to first boot after installation to hard drive
  • NdisWrapper support files supporting various wireless network cards
  • Linsta Squared window decoration

Download : News Source | Download Link


5 Responses to “PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniME Preview !”

  1. agas Says:

    Hai, what the live cd username and password

  2. Dark Star Says:

    ^^ The User Name and Password are mentioned on Boot Screen that appears after you insert the Live cd . the User Name Is guest while the password for normal user is guest while for root privileged password is root πŸ™‚

  3. Dick Says:

    The 2007 MiniME LiveCD will boot on my computer ok, but the 2008 won’t. Sony VAIO 1.8GHz, 512 RAM, PCLOS 2007. Any ideas why not?

  4. Geoff Thomas Says:

    PCLos Minime is a very good operating system it installed without a hitch, and as a Ancient Newbie I have found it to be the easiest desktop to use, in fact at last I am now totally LINUX!!
    I have tried various Linux systems but have settled for what to me is the best Intuative install and operating system
    Thank you Texstar and Gang

  5. Andrej Hostnik Says:

    I have to say that the PCLinuxOS 2007 is the best Linux distribution ever released. I have been trying more than 10 Linux distributions on may laptops since 2002 and finally discover this state ob the art OS. Thanks a lot to Texstar and Friends.
    I will absolutely follow your vision.

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