Stream My Game launches Linux Player ! has released today its free Linux Player, application that will let you play any PC game through a PlayStation 3 with Linux installed on it.

The StreamMyGame Server converts the game’s video and audio into a Game Stream and sends it over a local network to another computer, thus allowing the latter to view and play the game with the StreamMyGame Player. I’ve almost forgot to mention that both the Server and Client solutions are free, so you won’t have to pay anything for them. The machine running the Client app can be a PC, PS3, laptop or Linux device, and it does not need to have the game installed on it. Also, the second computer will not experience any lag at all.

The StreamMyGame Player can support resolutions up to Super HDTV 3200 x 2400 on your Linux box. The compatible Linux distributions recommended for PlayStation 3 are Ubuntu and Yellow Dog Linux.

Home Page : StreamMyGame


One Response to “Stream My Game launches Linux Player !”

  1. rahimveron Says:

    This is a gr8 news .. PC games for PS3 and they have support for nearly every game out there for PC 😀

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