Slax 6 : The Pocket OS

Slax 6, the latest version of the modern, small and fast Slackware-based distro Slax, was released yesterday.

Slax participated in the development of sqlzma patches, where the code implements LZMA – 7-zip compression – into squashfs filesystem. Squashfs now supports bigger block sizes than before. These two enhancements transform Slax 6 in one of the best compressed Linux distributions. Besides this, all the modules are much smaller and the decompression speed is even faster than reading the entire data from disk.

The read-only part of Slax – modules and system data – is overlayed by a writable filesystem, thanks to AUFS. This allows the user to modify all areas in Slax without restrictions, because the changes made to the read-only parts are copied to the writable side and stored in memory or in a folder on your hard disk/flash drive. Slax will auto-detect from where it runs, and if a writable media is detected, it will store the changes on it automatically.

Although it has only 190 MB, Slax comes equipped with KDE, K-Office, CD/DVD burning and ripping tools, audio and video encoders, multimedia players, a web browser and instant messenger and a lot more. Many, many goodies in such a small package!

Slax comes in two forms, as ISO and TAR archive. The ISO can be burnt on a CD, while the TAR archive can be used on a USB flash drive. To make Slax boot from a USB drive, you will have to extract the archive’s contents directly on the drive, resulting a root directory with two sub-directories, “boot” and “slax”. Go into the “boot” folder and find (if you are on Linux) or bootinst.bat (if you are on Windows). Run one of these files, depending on which operating system you are. Linux users must run the script as root to make it work; after you do this, you will have a bootable USB disk.

Download : Slax 6.0.0 ISO


7 Responses to “Slax 6 : The Pocket OS”

  1. ulysess Says:

    fast with KDE? are u kidding?

  2. Dark Star Says:

    No Not at all its way faster than any KDE distro out there 😀

  3. Abhisek Says:

    Would have given it a try if it came with Gnome. No KDE for me, please.
    Nice review, btw

  4. Dark Star Says:

    ^^ Well in that case it would be totally diff. It would be the fastest OS on any platform if they opted for Gnome/XFCE 😉

  5. pliers Says:

    is it possible to install gnome anyway?

  6. Lecho Says:

    Best Distro out there!

  7. IceCub Says:

    You can install Gnome an use it instead of KDE – as simple as adding a module.

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