Famelix GNU/Linux : The XP Nemesis.

Famelix is a GNU/Linux distribution developed by Brazil’s Faculdade Metropolitana de Guaramirim (FAMEG) and based on the work of Kurumin Linux. Its peculiarity lies in the adaptation of the user interface so that it resembles Windows as much as possible.

It is with great satisfaction that the group of developers and users Famelix GNU / Linux, announced the launch of Famelix 2.1 – Release Candidate 1, and many new features in this version are present.

Here are some of its features of Famelix 2.1 RC1 : –

  • Support for 5 languages Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German and English.
  • Mounting Automatic CD Rom,Floppy, Pen Drive etc.
  • Automatic Update packages.
  • Development of new OS based on pure Debian using Live Script which allows greater compatibility.
  • Support the various plates Wireless.
  • Support 3d Graphics nVIDIA, ATI and Intel.
  • Compiz Fusion with all plugins enable.
  • New and revamped Control Panel with new a great facilities to the users.
  • Support Cameras and Scanners.
  • Support for Laptop.
  • Support for Bluetooth devices.
  • New installer in order to ease the installation process for new Linux users.
  • Support for Adobe Flash player 9.

Here is a Screen shot tour :-

Home Page : – Famelix GNU/Linux – Linux com cara de XP
Download : Famelix GNU/Linux – Download


4 Responses to “Famelix GNU/Linux : The XP Nemesis.”

  1. Ubuntu Life » Blog Archive » Famelix, Linux con look Windows Says:

    […] | Pantallazos Famelix Visto en | Tux enclave Tambien te puede […]

  2. Abhisek Says:

    I forgot the name of the distro that raised the hackles of Mr. Gates a few years back for ‘copying’.

  3. Xbow Says:

    It is using KDE, am i right ??
    can i use the theme @ my opensuse ??

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