Tutorial : Create Mac like Wallpaper with Gimp.

Tutorial : Create Mac Like Wallpaper using Gimp

Have you ever wondered how those glossy and stupendous wallpapers are created ? If not ! Then let me take you on a tour which will help you to create glossy wallpapers without any havoc.. This guide is targeted towards beginners .. I have tried my best to make it simple .. Being an Open Source user and FOSS follower I always use Open Source software to do my work. In this tutorial I had used GNU Image Manipulation Program [Gimp 2.4.2] to create wallpaper, so this tutorial will be focused on GIMP while people using Photoshop can still use the same technique to create this wallpaper..

The wallpaper I created has been inspired by Mac Aqua series of wallpaper.. Since I am using GNU OS I dedicate my 1’st wallpaper to my Operating System . i.e. Kubuntu 8.04..

In this tutorial we will focus to create a wallpaper like this..

Gimp is a multi platform Image Editor available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.. So you can use tutorial on any OS.. So lets get started …
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Kubuntu Wallpaper : Mac Look.

I have released this wallpaper .. This is the 1’st wallpaper that I have created .. So please don’t think It will be great 😛 Well was playing around with Gimp and made this… Hope you all will like it 🙂

Wallpaper with diff. resolution : Mediafire

Regards .. Keep the suggestions and comments coming 🙂

Pie Dock : The Next Gen Dock..

Piedock is a task bar and application launcher in shape of a pie menu of icons.PieDock feels a little bit like the famous OS X dock but in shape of a pie menu which appears directly around your mouse cursor.
Basically it shows a selection of icons that you can use to control or launch the corresponding application.


  • Requires a C++ compiler, a make utitlity along with the headers and libraries of X11 and libpng.
  • Runs on Linux and *BSD.

Home Page : PieDock – Markus Fisch Personal Web Page
Java Demo : PieDock JavaScript Demo

Ubuntu Mobile : The Perfect Mobile OS

Ubuntu Mobile is an Ubuntu edition that targets an exciting new class of computers called Mobile Internet Devices. Ubuntu Mobile, based on the world’s most popular Linux distribution, and MID hardware from OEMs and ODMs, are redefining what can be done in mobile computing.

Ubuntu Mobile, a fully open source project, gives full Internet, with no compromise. Custom options may include licensed codecs and popular third-party applications.

  • Full Web 2.0/AJAX fidelity, with custom options of Adobe Flash®, Java, and more
  • Outstanding media playback so you can enjoy videos, music and photos with superior quality and easy navigation
  • A suite of applications that work seamlessly to meet every need of a digital parent, student or anyone who is on-the-go
  • Facebook®, MySpace®, YouTube®, Dailymotion®, 3D games, GPS, maps, in short, the full Web 2.0 experience delivered into your hands as a compact and powerful device that’s easy and fun to use Read the rest of this entry »