Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Released

Ubuntu has finally released their second LTS [Long Term Support] Operating system.. Being the most widely used Linux distro we all have huge hope with this big release. So lets take a quick look at its features an aplication : 00


  1. Calculator (an arithmetic, scientific or financial calculator)
  2. Character Map (permits to insert special characters into documents)
  3. Dictionary (a tool to search word definitions and spellings in an online dictionary)
  4. Baobab (disk usage analyzer)
  5. Seahorse (passwords and encryption keys manager)
  6. Gnome Screenshot (saves images of your desktop or individual windows)
  7. Gnome Terminal (allows you to use the command-line)
  8. Gedit (a small and lightweight text editor with intuitive spell-checker)
  9. Tomboy (desktop note-taking application)


  1. F-Spot (photo manager)
  2. The GIMP (image editor)
  3. XSane (scan, copy and fax images)

Internet tools:

  1. Ekiga (SIP and H.323 compatible VoIP telephony and videoconferencing tool)
  2. Evolution (powerful e-mail client)
  3. Firefox (the ever popular web browser)
  4. Pidgin (multi-protocol instant messenger)
  5. Vinagre (remote desktop viewer)
  6. Terminal Server Client (rdesktop, vncviewer, wfica, xnest frontend)
  7. Transmission (lightweight BitTorrent client)

Office tools:

  • OpenOffice.org Suite (spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and word processor)

Sound and Video:

  1. Sound Juicer (audio CD extractor)
  2. Brasero (CD/DVD burning application)
  3. Totem (DVD-Video, DivX, XviD, WMV, MOV player)
  4. Rhythmbox (Last.fm, radio and music player/organizer)

System Administration utilities:

  • Print Jobs Manager
  • Sound Recorder
  • Synaptic Package Manager

…and a lot of wonderful games for all ages!

Featured technologies:

  1. ActiveDirectory integration
  2. iSCSI support
  3. Memory protection
  4. Easy to use firewall
  5. KVM integration

Under the hood:

  1. GNOME 2.22.1
  2. Linux kernel (with dynticks support and a new process scheduler)
  3. Xorg 7.3
  4. PulseAudio 0.9.10
  5. PolicyKit 0.7

… plus many other updated packages and revamped artwork (including login manager, desktop wallpaper and GNOME style)!

  1. Features : Features | Ubuntu Desktop Edition
  2. Download : Get Ubuntu – Download, request a CD, or buy on CD/DVD | Ubuntu
  3. Ship It : https://shipit.ubuntu.com/
  4. Shop Ubuntu : https://shop.canonical.com/
  5. Screenshot : Ubuntu Screenshots | The Coding Studio Linux Screenshots | The Leader in Linux Screenshots | Screen Shots of Linux Distributions | Linux Screenshot Gallery

2 Responses to “Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Released”

  1. Lekrem Says:

    I’m upgrading my system now and can’t wait for it
    The new version looks so cool ;p

  2. calculator » Blog Archive » Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Released Says:

    […] Ryan dragon wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptSo lets take a quick look at its features an aplication : 00 Accessories: Calculator (an arithmetic, scientific or financial calculator) Character Map (permits to insert special characters […] […]

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