About Tux Enclave

This Blog is dedicated to provide the latest Tux News , Reviews .. Yup it all here and you need not to go anywhere else if you have the Tux Freak in you!!!!


Editors Desk


Ninza.png A Tech Obsessed person! Who likes to buy new hardware. I am a simple guy who likes to do tweaking with system. A born Troubleshooter is what I am referred as by my friends.. I like Linux and this blog is dedicated to it..Hope you all will enjoy and I’ll try updating you with latest Linux News and Review.Hope you all will like the blog..

Happy Tuxing.

17 Responses to “About.”

  1. undextrois Says:

    dude, lets exchange blogroll links is that sound cool?
    nice blog very imformative ,


  2. Dark Star Says:

    Erm… Did not get ya :-S U mean putting your blog link here :-?? … Btw Thanks for the appreciation 😉

  3. finch Says:

    yes exactly:)

  4. kastor417 Says:

    Where did you get the Thundercat avatar?

  5. Dark Star Says:

    While searching Avatar in web 😛

  6. Dissel Says:

    please don’t get me wrong, I think you want to write “News” not the ‘New’ in the first line.

  7. Dark Star Says:

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake 😛

  8. lazybug Says:


    awesome blog. very informative. I am adding you to my blog roll. hope you don’t mind.


  9. symbolik Says:

    Excellent blog, Dark Star. I will definitely be adding this to my blogroll. Keep it coming!

  10. Sunil Says:

    Thanks a lot for this very informative blog. I’ll also be adding to my blogroll.

  11. Der UnterHund Says:

    Very good blog, I also enjoy Linux very much. You have been added to my blog roll. 🙂

  12. Sathya Says:

    Nice write up dude. Wish I had the time to do so too. Will be adding to BlogRoll Soon

  13. Lilly Says:

    Your site looks great! I have seen many other so-called sites and they have been far from good quality.Your site has all the key ingredients to pulling in visitors.

  14. magnet Says:

    Hey dude nice blog…and neat too…u not having any adsense on it????

  15. Dark Star Says:

    Thanks bro. 🙂 No Adsense 😦 Because WordPress.com doesn’t allow to have 😦 i will be creating a new blog based on Drupal 😀

  16. thegabfather Says:

    Hey bro, i’m kind of new in the bloggin and in the Ubuntu area, although i’m in love with Ubuntu, so i wanned ask u if u can add me to ur blogroll and i add u to mine =)

    thanks !

  17. Harry Rickards Says:

    Like your site. Anyway, maybe you could add my blog (worldoftux.com/Wordpress) to your blogroll, if I added yours to mine? Thanks

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