EVE Online Available for Linux!

TransGaming Inc., a leading developer of software portability products for the electronic entertainment industry and CCP, one of the largest independent game developers, have announced today that EVE Online has been released for Linux and Macintosh platforms.

CCP and TransGaming developed these versions to allow users using different operating systems, to play within the same perpetual online universe. The original code of Eve Online for Microsoft Windows was integrated with the help of Cedega for Linux and the high quality of the game is preserved, running without any problems. The Cedega engine allows the original code base to be run on Linux, thus delivering the same game play and the game evolves congruently on all the platforms, without delays.

Thor Gunnarsson, Vice President of Business Development from CCP stated: The explosive growth of EVE Online since its launch coupled with the strong demand from the Mac and Linux communities has encouraged us to make the game available on new platforms. Together with TransGaming, we have now achieved an important milestone in our drive to make the EVE universe pervasive and available to anyone who wishes to play.”

Vikas Gupta, CEO of TransGaming Technologies added: “The availability of EVE Online to the Mac and Linux communities extends the game to rapidly growing new communities who have been enthusiastically demanding the game on their platformThe availability of EVE Online to the Mac and Linux communities extends the game to rapidly growing new communities who have been enthusiastically demanding the game on their platforms of choice. We are very pleased to see the efforts of our partnership come to fruition with the release of EVE Online for the Mac and Linux platforms.”

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How to install the EVE Online game client on Ubuntu Linux 7.10

Installing EVE on Linux ( Ubuntu 7.04 or higher, OpenSuSE 10.2 or higher), Linspire 6 or higher

The user installs EVE Online using a graphical or command line package manager. On installation a Starter Kit will install program shortcuts and installation configuration files.
On launch, via the Start Menu shortcut or command line, the Starter Kit will download and install all necessary files for the application on Cedega.

Single User Install

  • The TransGamig License Agreement window will display, click accept after reading to continue
  • The EVE Online for Linux Installer window will display. The Single-User Install radio button is enabled as default.
  • Click Continue
  • Make sure the EveOnline-linux-######.dat file is present in one of the following locations

NOTE: EveOnline-linux-######.dat file and EveOnline-linux- ######.dat.md5 must be in the same directory.

  1. home folder
  2. desktop
  3. /opt/cedega/game_packages
  4. cd_drive
  • If the Game Package has not been downloaded tick the Internet Radio button to download the latest release from the Internet, the click Continue.
  • If the Game Package is not located in previously mentioned locations you can click Browse and select the alternative location of the file. then click Continue.
  • Unpacking of the Game dialog will start, it’ll take some time.
  • After unpacking the Game Cedega needs to update/download the following, note that this happens automatically.
  • Mozilla Control Package
  • Cedega engine for EVE online
  • Cedega User Interface
  • GDDB files
  • Starter kit self-updater
  • Microsoft Core Fonts

Multi User Installation
To perform a multi-user installation, the EVE Online Starter Kit must run as a user with administrative privileges.To launch EVE Online starter kit as a user with administrative privileges:
Launch a Terminal, and enter:
sudo eve

  1. Press Enter.
  2. You will be prompted for user password, type that in and press Enter The Starter Kit will execute. The terminal will display the install log.The TransGaming License Agreement window will display.
  3. Click Accept to accept the license agreement.
  4. The EVE Online for Linux Installer window will display. Single-User Install is enabled as default.
  5. Enable the Multi-User Install radio button.
  6. Click Continue.
    The Download Cedega UI Updater Package dialog will display.The Cedega Group Membership window will display with the following text: “Please select the users on your system who will be permitted to use this installation of Cedega:”
  7. Select a user from the All Users pane.
  8. Click Add to group to add the user to the Group Cedega pane.Repeat step 6 and 7 for each user who will use EVE Online.
  9. Click Continue.

Download : Installation Files | Patches