How to : Install GFX Grub In Ubuntu.

GNU Graphics Grub is the new Grub boot screen which adds to Visual appeal of Boot Screen .. Unlike older grub GFX Grub has now much better themes and customization options.. So lets take a quick look at How To Install GFX GrubBoot Menu..

To install GFX Grub we have to remove older grub so that it should cause any dependencies problem.. To remove Grub Open Terminal . .Main Menu -> Accessories -> Terminal Now type the following code in Terminal Read the rest of this entry »


Ubuntu Customization Guide v2

Ubuntu Customization Guide v2


Changes are part of Nature so as with Technology.. Though this cannot be True for Windows and Mac cause the life cycle of a single Version is too much which is not the case with Linux.. Open Source evolve at very rapid rate and with evolution comes new & special changes … Today with a hike in Linux acceptance its pretty hard for competitors to provide similar solutions at free of cost. Open Source is known for User Interaction with Operating System which cannot be done with other OS. Linux user can customize, create, edit, add files according to his/her taste..and customization is the part where Linux is one step ahead of every OS.. You need not to search for poorly written Customization Packs.. What you need is just follow the guide and pimp up your desktop as you like. .. The guide will focus on a particular area but you can customize your desktop using the way mentioned and adding your own idea…
With Gusty Gibbon packed with latest tools and great support couple with new gGun Gnome 2.20, I was adamant to write another Customization Guide..Since M$ launched Vista and Apple launched Leopard quite a while ago so I’ll let you know how to customize your Ubuntu to Vista and Leopard.. Added with few new Customization that I used it…
I have tried to kept the guide as simple as I can so that even a newbie can understand how to make changes.There are few major changes in Ubuntu Themes and Icon Control Panel so please read carefully so that you can get everything..

Points to Ponder

This guide will let you pimp you Ubuntu latest Gusty Gibbon i.e Ubuntu 7.10 . If you don’t know how to get Ubuntu the head towards Ubuntu download and download a copy today which suits best your system.. There you will will be prompted to choose location and system type. After downloading, burn the image and boot through it and Install Ubuntu in 6 easy steps…

“The themes icon set , wallpaper ,desklets, fonts ,sounds
used while customization the Operating System are ® to their
respective owner. Copying, editing and use of those
application are free and can be distributed without
the owner permission.”

Though I had used few Icon Links and themes , but this does not meant that your are confined to those only .. You can always use your own choice themes and icons from

Note: Though this guide has been made to customize Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon but this can be used to Customize other OS which comes with Gnome 2.20 installed/optional..Though installation of particular software can be different.
So hold your breath and go through the complex customization made easy.. Read the rest of this entry »