LinuxMCE and KDE Join Hands for new release!

LinuxMCE (Linux Media Center Edition) is a free and open source operating platform designed to allow a computer to act as a Media PC / HTPC (Home Theater PC) similar to Mythbuntu and it is more of a complete HTPC-bundled operating system.

So far a lot has been said about some plans regarding a KDE integration. Even thought this didn’t seem that close to happen I could say it has already started. The LinuxMCE executives have recently announced the availability of their latest release, LinuxMCE 0704. This release comes to test the way a KDE desktop environment and the LinuxMCE can get along together as here we will find the LinuxMCE integrated with Kubuntu and KDE 3.5.

According to the KDE Plasma and LinuMCE developers, this was the first step of a much longer collaboration which actually aims at higher targets. The LinuxMCE officials claim they want to create a so-called “10 foot interface” for their software, an interface which should be able to allow people to interact with media devices such as televisions from a distance. Paul Webber, LinuxMCE lead developer speaks about this new interface:

The traditional PC user interface doesn’t work well on a TV. So a different interface is needed, which is called the ’10 foot’ interface (in reference to the fact that people interact with media devices such as televisions from a distance). The ’10 foot’ interface is still in the same state as the desktop was pre 1983. There is no standardisation and each application has to figure out how to present its functionality to a user.”

The next step for LinuxMCE and KDE Plasma is now to integrate the MCE technology with Plasma and make it a media centre option for KDE 4. There are also some other issues regarding this media center which should be solved. For example, a lot has been said about the new functionality which should allow the user to play media both locally, from a built-in media browser, as well as on devices over a network through the house.

Source : LinuxMCE Partners with KDE for New Release
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Video Demo of the release :LinuxMCE 0704 Demo Video