nVIDIA Linux Display Driver 169.09 Released

Nvidia Linux Display Driver version 169.09 release, whichis actually more like a patch for that wicked 100% fan speed bug encountered in all GeForce 8 cards. This bug was introduced in the previous release!

Release Highlights

  • Fixed a problem causing the fan on some GPUs to always run at full speed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the X driver to crash if the X.Org GLX extension module was loaded intead of NVIDIA’s.
  • Improved the X driver’s awareness of the current notebook docking status.
  • Fixed brightness control on HP Compaq notebooks.
  • Fixed a bug in the Linux/i2c algorithm driver implementation that prevented core transfer types from succeeding.

As you can see, this new driver fixes another important bug which caused a crash if the GLX extension module was loaded instead of NVIDIA’s one. Moreover, the brightness control for HP Compaq laptops is fixed now.

Download : Linux Display Driver


Nvidia Linux Display Driver 169.0 Released!

Nvidia Linux Display Driver version 169.07 was released yesterday. If you own a GeForce 8800 GT, GeForce 8800 GTS 512 or 8800M graphics card, you should know that this driver offers support for them.

The highlists of this release are:

  • Added CUDA driver to .run file.
  • Improved modesetting support on Quadro/GeForce 8 series GPUs.
  • Fixed several X rendering issues.
  • Fixed problems scrolling ARGB X drawables in Qt. Read the rest of this entry »

NVIDIA 100.14.19 Linux Display Driver Released!

Nvidia released a new version of its video driver for the Linux operating system. Besides the fact that this release contains support for some interesting GPUs, it also comes with improved GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap out-of-memory handling for every Linux customer that uses Compiz Fusion or Beryl on his/her desktop. Without any further introduction, let’s have a look at the highlights:

  • Added support for new GPUs:
  1. Quadro FX 290
  2. Quadro FX 370
  3. Quadro FX 570
  4. Quadro FX 1700
  • Improved GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap out-of-memory
  • handling.
  • Fixed performance regression on GeForce 8 GPUs.
  • Added support for a ‘NoScanout’ mode to the X driver, useful for high performance computing environments and remote graphics; please see the ‘UseDisplayDevice’ option description for details.
  • Improved power management support with GeForce 8 and older GPUs.
  • Improved compatibility with recent X.Org X servers.
  • Improved G-Sync support with Quadro FX 4600 and Quadro FX 5600.
  • Added XV brightness and contrast controls to the GeForce 8 video texture adapter implementation.
  • Further improved interaction with ATi RS480/482 based mainboards.
  • Fixed stability problems with some GeForce 8 GPUs.
  • Fixed XvMC support on GeForce 7050 PV / NVIDIA nForce 630a GPUs with PureVideo support.
  • Added support for bridgeless SLI with GeForce 8 GPUs.
  • Fixed rotation support on some GeForce 8 GPUs.
  • Fixed problem causing X to render incorrectly after VT switches with composited desktops.
  • Fixed a RENDER acceleration bug that was causing 2D rendering corruption in Eclipse with GeForce 8 GPUs.
  • Improved VGA console restoration with DFPs and TVs.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in the generation of incorrect EDIDs on some notebooks.
  • Fixed flickering corruption with SLIAA on GeForce 8 GPUs.
  • Improved compatibility with recent Linux 2.6 kernels.
  • Fixed compatibility problem with some Linux 2.4 kernels.
  • Improved hotkey switching support.
  • Fixed ‘nvidia-installer’ bug that was causing the installer to treat some of its temporary files as conflicting.
  • Fixed several problems causing crashes if /dev is mounted with the ‘noexec’ option.
  • Reduced kernel virtual memory usage with some GeForce 8 GPUs

As you’ve probably noticed from the above highlights, the new video driver from Nvidia brings improved support for X.Org 7.3 and for the Linux kernel 2.6.23.

Download: Unix Drivers Portal Page | i386 | AMD 64/Em6t

X.org 7.3 Brings Hotplugging Support

X.Org 7.3 has just been released today after months and months of hard work. X.Org X Server 1.4 is included in this new version which contains the most awaited input hotplugging support function as well as version 1.2 of the RandR extension, which allows for runtime configuration of outputs within X screens.

X.Org 7.3 also comes with a new driver, xf86-video-vermilion and the xf86-video-glide driver which was present only in the monolithic releases. You are now able to configure backlight properties for LCDs, through the RandR extension.

Unfortunately, not all bugs could be fixed in this new version of the X.Org server, therefore the following list of known issues will be fixed in future releases:

  • Multiple PCI domains no longer work on Linux. This has been present since the 1.3 server, at least. It is expected to be fixed on master (to be server 1.5) and a minimal fix may be backported when that happens.
  • Memory leak with GLX pixmaps. This couldn’t get tracked down in time for release.
  • Two-color cursors misrendered on big-endian systems. The problem was not fully understood at the time of release and the interim fix was not included.
  • When the appropriate input driver is not found for static configuration, the server may crash.
  • Server crash with compiz. Reporter didn’t have time to follow up.
  • In traditional (multi-Screen) multihead mode, the cursor may be stuck on one of the heads. This is a bug in evdev which may also exist in other input drivers and will be fixed in upcoming point releases.
  • Bug in libwfb, which arrived too late to make it in.
  • Failure in an error path of the new input code may lead to server crashes during server exit. This should have made it in and was an oversight.

For more information on this new release, please go here.

Download : http://xorg.freedesktop.org/releases/X11R7.3/
Announcement : http://wiki.x.org/wiki/Releases/7.3

Nvidia 100.14.11 Driver Released!

Nvidia 100.14.11 Driver Released!
Added support for new GPUs:

  • GeForce 7050 PV / NVIDIA nForce 630a
  • GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a

Fixed console restore problems in several different configurations:

  • Quadro FX 4400 SLI
  • VESA console
  • Notebook LCD displays
  • Improved interaction with ATi RS480/482 based mainboards.
  • Improved support for House Sync with G-Sync II.
  • Improved NVIDIA X driver interaction with ACPI daemon.

Download: 32bit | 64bit

Nvidia 100.14.09 Driver Stable!

Nvidia 100.14.09 Driver Stable Release!


The San Thomas, Santa Clara- based NVIDIA Corporation is one of the most well known producers of GPU technologies for video cards, graphic cards, workstations, desktop computers, handhelds and other similar stuff. Some of NVIDIA’s most popular product lines would be the GeForce series, the Quadro series as well as the nForce series.

Another aspect NVIDIA is known for is that it does not provide the documentation for their hardware, which is necessary in order for programmers to write appropriate and effective open source drivers for NVIDIA’s products but provides instead their own binary GeForce graphics drivers for X.Org and a thin open-source library that interfaces with the Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris kernels and the proprietary graphics software.

Recently, NVIDIA made available its 100.14.09 stable driver, which comes with a lot of product support. For example I could count here the support for the:

  • GeForce 8600 GT
  • GeForce 8600M GT
  • GeForce 8600M GS
  • GeForce 8500 GT
  • GeForce 8400 GS
  • GeForce 8400M GT
  • GeForce 8400M GS
  • GeForce 8400M G
  • GeForce 8300 GS
  • Quadro FX 1600M
  • Quadro FX 570M
  • Quadro FX 360M
  • Quadro NVS 320M
  • Quadro NVS 140M
  • Quadro NVS 135M
  • Quadro NVS 130M

On the changelog of the new release there are also some other features and improvements brought which are also worth mentioned, such as:

  • Added support for Quadro FX 4600 G-Sync and Quadro FX 5600 G-Sync boards
  • Improvement in the notebook GPU support
  • Improved RenderAccel support for subpixel antialiased fonts
  • Added XV brightness and contrast controls for GeForce 8 GPUs
  • Fixed a locale-interaction issue in the nvidia-settings configuration file parser

One of the good news the driver brings to the Linux users would be that it benefits now of an improved interaction with the newer Linux kernels. Officially, the driver should be able work on the Linux 2.6.21 kernel and even on the 2.6.22 release candidates. Unfortunately for the Beryl/Compiz users, the new driver cannot fix an older black window bug.

Download 32bit | Download 64bit