Sabayon Linux 3.5 Beta 1 Released !

Sabayon is an Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar, a sweet liquor (usually Marsala wine), and sometimes cream or whole eggs. It is a very light custard, which has been whipped to incorporate a large amount of air

Distribution features:

  • New theme, new logo, new ideas, new stuff! Gosh, it’s all new oh oh ohhhh!
  • Introducing Entropy Binary Package Managing infrastructure, featuring equo package manager client and repository services at Sabayon Linux Packages Repository
    1. Read Entropy Project Manifesto
    2. – Repositories now contain “only” 4000 packages. But will grow up to 10000 by the end of the 3.5 development cycle.
    3. – Equo client is at your service: equo –help – be advised it is a working beta release!
    4. – Installer has been completely rewritten and polished to work with Entropy and an inner “Update installer” button has been added. Read the rest of this entry »

Major Linux Distros Shootout..

*Major Linux Distros Shootout..*
Mandriva 08 v/s Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon v/s open SUSE 10.3 v/s Sabayon 3.4

Today with increasing awareness of Linux Operating System and Open Source Software developers around the world are now taking the challenge to the next level. Linux is the operating system which evolve with a great speed. Linux is a Unix based operating system which is known for optimum stability and security even in low end systems.A Linux operating system has a life span of minimum of 6 months though the Operating system is supported through updates and security patches for a fixed period of time. Linux is the only operating system which has shown great development in terms of UI and over all User Experience. While this is not in case of Windows and Mac OSX. Though they has also shown tremendous development but the base remains same. Well today we got lots of option of Operating System in Open Source World. So now I’ll review 4 of the latest and most promising distross namely Ubuntu 7.10[Gusty Gibbon], open SUSE 10.3, Mandriva One 2008 and Sabayon 3.4 Mini Edition . Before we take a view on those let me clarify on what factors a Linux distross is Distinguished.

  • Desktop Environment : Desktop Environment is the GUI software which provide better experience for end user.In Linux we get many types of Desktop Environment which are made to suite the System Specification . Like for low end system there is diff. DE and for high end there are other options . There are mainly 4 Desktop Environment namely KDE, Gnome, XFCE, FluxBox .. KDE and Gnome are quite advanced Desktop Environments meant for system with more than 128 Mb of Ram .. While XFCE and Flux box are low end Desktop Environments are for low end systems.
  • Package Based : As you must be aware that there are packages in which software comes. There are lots of package manager in Linux .. Like one can notice packages like .rar and .exe and more in Windows same the case with Linux. Manly there are 3 packages in which Distros are based i.e. .deb[ Debian], .rpm [Red hat Package Manager], .tar.gz [ A .rar replacement in Linux].. Most of the distross today comes with .deb and .rpm based pakage manager.
  • Distribution Based : Today developers instead of creating whole distros environment create distros based on a Stable and Secure distros. Like in Linux world there are 3 Most stable and old distros.. Debian , Gentoo , Red Hat aka Fedora. Most of the distros out there are based on the platform of these like Ubuntu based on Debain, Sabayon based on Gentoo, Mandriva based on Mandrake. Well some of these distross perform even better on what they are based on !

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