Featured How-To’s & Posts..

Here are most popular and useful Guides and posts that are written over period in Tux Enclave.. So this is the right spot for newbie and experts for latest and best guides for Linux..

Ubuntu Guides and Tutorial

  1. How to:Compiz Fusion on Ubuntu 7.04
  2. Ubuntu Customization Guide v2
  3. How to : Install GFX Grub In Ubuntu.
  4. How to : Enable Multimedia Suport in Ubuntu 7.10.

Featured Threads/Posts

  1. Vixta.Forget vista!
  2. React OS:Here comes the Windows Nemesis!
  3. Ubuntu Customization Guide v2
  4. Major Linux Distros Shootout..

Keep on the look out for more and gr8 guides πŸ™‚



7 Responses to “Featured How-To’s & Posts..”

  1. agas Says:

    I,m new on Linux. Now on Ubuntu 7.10 very nice and forget WinXP.
    Then I just success install Vixta, but lost Ubuntu..just follow guide reinstall Grub loader, my Ubuntu and WinXP come again ye. For that Vixta not in Grub
    How can I get both Ubuntu and Vixta appeared in Grub loader, please help me as possible

  2. Dark Star Says:

    ^^ Open Drive in which you installed Vixta and navigate to /boot/grub/menu.lst copy the Vixta grub entry that you will find at the end .. Now Open Terminal and type sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst and copy the Vixta entry in the section of other entries at the bottom πŸ™‚

    That should replace Vixta entry in Boot Loader πŸ™‚

  3. agas Says:

    Yeh Ok, I got it. Thank’s .

  4. agas Says:

    I’m sorry for ask you more. But I’m really need help. So many tutor I follow and failed, maybe I’m so poor english.
    My problem is Can’t used my other USB drives to delete fail or save.This media mount on my computer as(111.8 GB Volume: disk) unknown permission and read only.
    So how to own and Read/Write this media.

  5. Dark Star Says:

    You mean you have a portable HDD in which you can not write your data .. ? If the drive has NTFS partition .. install NTFS-Config.. Open Terminal and type sudo apt-get install ntfs-config and access it from Main Menu – > System Tools .. It will enable read/write support to external as well as internall NTFS systems..

  6. agas Says:

    Any idea how to format NTFS. I’m looking there is non active..

  7. Dark Star Says:

    Use Gparted to format NTFS πŸ™‚

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