Kubuntu Wallpaper : Mac Look.

I have released this wallpaper .. This is the 1’st wallpaper that I have created .. So please don’t think It will be great 😛 Well was playing around with Gimp and made this… Hope you all will like it 🙂

Wallpaper with diff. resolution : Mediafire

Regards .. Keep the suggestions and comments coming 🙂


Pie Dock : The Next Gen Dock..

Piedock is a task bar and application launcher in shape of a pie menu of icons.PieDock feels a little bit like the famous OS X dock but in shape of a pie menu which appears directly around your mouse cursor.
Basically it shows a selection of icons that you can use to control or launch the corresponding application.


  • Requires a C++ compiler, a make utitlity along with the headers and libraries of X11 and libpng.
  • Runs on Linux and *BSD.

Home Page : PieDock – Markus Fisch Personal Web Page
Java Demo : PieDock JavaScript Demo

Ubuntu Mobile : The Perfect Mobile OS

Ubuntu Mobile is an Ubuntu edition that targets an exciting new class of computers called Mobile Internet Devices. Ubuntu Mobile, based on the world’s most popular Linux distribution, and MID hardware from OEMs and ODMs, are redefining what can be done in mobile computing.

Ubuntu Mobile, a fully open source project, gives full Internet, with no compromise. Custom options may include licensed codecs and popular third-party applications.

  • Full Web 2.0/AJAX fidelity, with custom options of Adobe Flash®, Java, and more
  • Outstanding media playback so you can enjoy videos, music and photos with superior quality and easy navigation
  • A suite of applications that work seamlessly to meet every need of a digital parent, student or anyone who is on-the-go
  • Facebook®, MySpace®, YouTube®, Dailymotion®, 3D games, GPS, maps, in short, the full Web 2.0 experience delivered into your hands as a compact and powerful device that’s easy and fun to use Read the rest of this entry »

Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 5 :Makes Installation Easy !

The Ubuntu developers are moving very quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the Open Source Community has to offer. Hardy Heron Alpha 5 is the fourth alpha release of Ubuntu 8.04, and with this new alpha release comes a whole host of excellent new features.

Features : –

  1. Xorg 7.3 : – The latest Xorg is available in Hardy, Xorg 7.3, with an emphasis on better autoconfiguration with a minimal configuration file.
  2. Linux kernel 2.6.24 : – Alpha 4 includes the 2.6.24-5.8 (2.6.24-rc8-based) kernel. This brings in significant enhancements and fixes that have been merged in the last few months into the mainline kernel. Among these is the introduction of dynticks support for amd64, bringing the same power savings already available on 32-bit systems to 64-bit laptops and desktops.
  3. PulseAudio : – Alpha 4 includes [WWW] PulseAudio enabled by default. Some non-GNOME applications still need to be changed to output to pulse/esd by default and the volume control tools are still not integrated.
  4. umenu : – WinFOSS and the Windows open source software have been replaced by umenu, a simple launcher that lets the user install Ubuntu from Windows using Wubi (see below), install Ubuntu to a partition without having to make their CD-ROM the first boot device, and find out more about Ubuntu at the Ubuntu Home Page | Ubuntu website.

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Famelix GNU/Linux : The XP Nemesis.

Famelix is a GNU/Linux distribution developed by Brazil’s Faculdade Metropolitana de Guaramirim (FAMEG) and based on the work of Kurumin Linux. Its peculiarity lies in the adaptation of the user interface so that it resembles Windows as much as possible.

It is with great satisfaction that the group of developers and users Famelix GNU / Linux, announced the launch of Famelix 2.1 – Release Candidate 1, and many new features in this version are present.

Here are some of its features of Famelix 2.1 RC1 : –

  • Support for 5 languages Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German and English.
  • Mounting Automatic CD Rom,Floppy, Pen Drive etc.
  • Automatic Update packages.
  • Development of new OS based on pure Debian using Live Script which allows greater compatibility.
  • Support the various plates Wireless.
  • Support 3d Graphics nVIDIA, ATI and Intel.
  • Compiz Fusion with all plugins enable. Read the rest of this entry »

Ubuntu 8.10 a.k.a. Intrepid Ibex

None other than the father of Ubuntu Linux, Mark Shuttleworth, announced last night the name and the goals for the next version of this marvelous operating system, Ubuntu 8.10 (codename Intrepid Ibex); scheduled for release in October 2008.

With Hardy now past feature-freeze it’s time to start to plan features that are being lined up for inclusion after Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is released in April. And so I’d like to introduce you to the Intrepid Ibex, the release which is planned for October 2008, and which is likely to have the version number 8.10.For the Intrepid Ibex, the development team will prepare an unbelievable desktop, with an amazing performance, that will work on mostly any computer (be it a high-end workstation or an old and dusty Pentium III machine). Another major feature planned for Ubuntu 8.10 will be the ability to stay connected to the Internet (read: wireless connections) wherever you go.

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Entertainer : The Best Media Center

Entertainer aims to be a simple and easy-to-use media center solution for Gnome and XFce desktop environments. Entertainer is written completely in Python using object-oriented programming paradigm. It uses GStreamer multimedia framework for multimedia playback. User Interface is implemented with Clutter UI-library, which allows sleek OpenGL animated user interfaces. Entertainer also uses other great projects like SQLite, pyIMDBb and iNotify.


  1. Movies and TV-series : – You can watch movies and TV-Series from your harddrive. Entertainer automatically searches and downloads metadata like cover art from the Internet.
  2. Music library : –Let’s play music! Entertainer allows you play your favourite tracks easily. Navigate music by artst, album, genre or make your own playlists. Entertainer also automatically downloads album art and lyrics of the tracks.
  3. Photographs : – Watch your family photographs from the big screen. Entertainer includes a photoraph library, which allows you easily find your best shots.
  4. RSS-reader : – Entertainer includes a simple RSS-reader which allows you to read feeds right from your couch. In Entertainer RSS is called Headlines since it’s easier to understand for people who are not IT oriented. Read the rest of this entry »