Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 Released!

Red Hat, the Open Source leader, is proud to announce the 5.1 release of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. Powered by the 2.6.18-53.el5 Linux kernel, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 comes with the following improvements:

Virtualization improvements

  • Completion of virtualization support on Itanium2 platforms;
  • Improved support for FV guests;
  • Update of the libvirt management layer;
  • New Xen 3.1.0 hypervisor (and updates to libvirt and userspace to work against hypervisor ABI);
  • AMDV support for domain migration and save/restore;
  • Added Kexec/Kdump support for the host in a
  • virtualized environment.

Kernel improvements

  • Improved ACPI power management support including support for S3 suspend to RAM and S4 hibernate;
  • Support for installation to and boot from dm-multipath;
  • Updated SATA subsystem;
  • Ext3 filesystem now fully supports filesystem sizes of up to 16TB;
  • Updated CIFS to version 1.48aRH;
  • IPMI and HPI updates;
  • Updated Infiniband support to OFED1.2 version including RDMA over Ethernet;
  • Expanded in-kernel socket API;
  • IPv6 improvements;
  • Added support for shared page table for hugetlb pages.

Hardware improvements

Updated drivers:

  • 3w-9xxx, aacraid, aic79xx, aic94xx, alsa, arcmsr, b44, bnx2, cciss, chelsio, e1000, ipmi, ipw2100, ipw2200, ixgb, lpfc, megaraid, megaraid_sas, mpt-fusion, pci, powernow-k8, qla2xxx, qla3xxx, qla4xxx, s2io, sky2, spidernet, stex, tg3.

Added drivers:

  • e1000e, forcedeth, netxen_nic, xinput.

Other highlights include:

  • Improved auditing;
  • Smartcard support for SSH;
  • Integration of LSPP certification related changes;
  • Samba update for improved interoperability;
  • PAM/Kerberos and NSS-LDAP updates for improved integration in Active Directory environments;
  • Improvements to the “crash”-analysis tool;
  • Added replication and migration support for NFSv4 referrals;
  • Improved support for autofs load balancing with replicated servers.

Download :